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Scayl's 3 pillars

Scout programme

Are you connected and plugged in to the fintech lending ecosystem? Why not profit from your connections by joining Scayl's scout programme?


About Scayl

Scayl is a Stockholm, Sweden, based fintech that provides a platform for fintech lenders to access debt funding from banks. We are continuously onboarding new banks to our network allowing for funding of more and more markets/jurisdictions, products, risk profiles, etc., with a goal of having complete coverage for all types of alternative lenders. We are able to cater for lenders in start-up, scale-up, or growth phases and don't require a previous origination track record.​

At this point we are rolling out our product offering in the nordics and mainland Europe with UK around the corner. If you have a strong network in these regions and think Scayl can be a good match for the groups you are speaking with, we'd love to hear from you. Please get in touch using the form below to get the discussion started!

For scouts

How it works

  1. Join the scout programme by signing up using the form below

  2. We will circle back and have a discussion around how a collaboration can be mutually beneficial

  3. If Scayl ends up providing funding to the lender introduced by you as a scout we will share a portion of the revenue with you throughout the life of the transaction

  4. Should things work out really well maybe you will consider joining our team as responsible for sourcing in a particular market or segment

Scout registration form

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