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Scayl's 3 pillars

Linking institutional capital with
Fintech originated assets

Scayl is a platform that allows banks and other credit providers to deploy capital into small scale lenders at a large scale. 

How it works

Solving for scalability

Underwriting Fintech originators is complex, inefficient, and lacks scalability. Scayl is here to change that. We provide exposure to assets using standardised but dynamic financing structures with excellent downside protection

powered by technology


Credit providers

Scayl's 3 pillars

Fintech 1

Fintech 2

Fintech 3

Scayl’s technology creates efficiency and scalability enabling the aggregation of multiple smaller loan portfolios into a unified credit exposure with natural diversification and outsized risk adjusted returns. The bank is always senior in the transaction and there will always be a junior first loss provider

Partner Portal

Technology providing control, scalability, and transparency

Scayl has developed a platform allowing for a scalable approach to financing Fintech originated assets. Lenders integrate to the platform via APIs and provide loan level information required for verification of eligibility as well as a parallel underwriting prior to each loan being funded. The platform becomes the gold copy shared by all parties eliminating the need for additional reporting 

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an originator of credit assets providing 10x scalability and diversification compared to traditional alternative lenders
Scayl's platform allows banks to aggregate many smaller portfolios

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